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[the Black Muddler]

I have found over my years of fly fishing that often variations in standard patterns will produce, at times, amazing results. I was recently told of a muddler variation that caught the fish as shown on a southern river. Why? I guess we will have to ask the fish but nonetheless, why not be equipped with the fly pattern just in case? As both salmon and steelhead are entering our rivers in October, I will share my information with you, in this instance, the black muddler!

[A Big One Caught on a Black Muddler]



I believe this fly is effective because of the soft materials, deer hair excepting, that produces a waving effect in the water. Start with a short tail of black marabou. Next wind a body of gold holographic tinsel, hook bend to hook eye. The next step is a bit tricky. If you can obtain soft black craft hair (mine is made by Hareline Dubbin), otherwise use black marabou for an under wing. Select a clump long enough to reach just past the tail and also to make a fold downwards near the hook eye to create a beard type hackle. Trim the hackle portion short of the hook point. The final step is to cinch down a clump of dyed black deer hair as an over wing, allowing the cut ends to flair above the hook eye. Trim this to make a short round head, cement, and you have finished a big fish river fly!

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