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This COVID pandemic does cause life pattern changes, a few that may even be positive! For example, prior to the virus, my week was often taken up with no less than four trap shooting practices which included both Saturdays and Sundays. This was possible because I am a member of both the North Okanagan Trap and Skeet Club and also the newly formed Central Okanagan Shotgun Sports Club. However, with COVID 19 lurking around, as I do have pre conditions, I have not been shooting in order to avoid the darn virus. What to do with all the people avoidance time that I now have on my hands? Well, I discovered a delightful weekend TV program called "Sportfishing on the Fly" featuring Don Freschi and his brother Dale with often guest Brian Chan! Their program covers fly fishing with example fly tying, on both rivers and lakes here in British Columbia.

I have enjoyed several of their TV shows, carried by a Victoria station, CHEK TV, in the past few months. One show in particular featured catching large rainbows using a bulldog fly on the lower Columbia River. Now it happens that I have tied a similar fly in the past, slightly different than Don's fly. However, my article for this month will give full credit to Don Freschi so the title "Don's Bulldog" is not me but actually Mr. Freschi! I am sure he will not mind if I share the pattern with you!

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I will first outline the differences in Don Freschi's fly and mine as given above. Don uses burnt orange marabou without the gold angel hair for the tail. No bead but his palmer hackle wrap over the gold chenille is two feathers together, a grey and burnt orange grizzly! He also weights his fly fairly heavily with several turns of lead wire. Now, to tie my version, crimp the barb and slide a brown metallic bead to the hook eye. Then mix gold angel hair with brown marabou for a fairly bushy tail. I actually tie in some gold angel hair first, then the marabou and more angel hair on top. Just ahead of the tail, next tie in a length of medium copper wire and also a brown grizzly hackle by the tip. Follow up with medium gold chenille, hook bend to the bead. Now palmer the grizzly hackle in spaced turns to the bead. The final step is to carefully wind the copper wire as a rib in the opposite direction, hook bend to the bead and tie off. Whip finish, cement and you have completed a similar fly to Don Freschi's Columbia River Bulldog!

My book of true sport fishing adventures in British Columbia, "Willow Sticks, Earth Worms", is now available at Trafford Publishing or if you prefer a friendly voice, call their order desk at 1-888-232-4444 toll free in the USA or Canada. In Europe, ring the UK local order number at 0845 230 9601 (UK) or 44(0) 1270 251 396.

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