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It is time to look at a classic trout fly that has produced wonderfully well over the years, the classic Coachman wet fly. The Coachman can be tied in many forms, wet, dry or as a streamer. While I call the wet fly version simply as a Coachman, all versions are probably better known as a "Royal Coachman". According to Wikipedia, the Coachman fly was first tied in 1878 by John Haily of New York. The fly was intended primarily for north woods brook trout but my experience has proven that the fly is productive on many BC waters! John's original fly had a wood duck flank feather tail but newer versions feature golden pheasant tippets for the tail, otherwise the fly is much the same as the original.

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The classic coachman is often tied with a full hackle but I tie mine with a brown beard hackle. Certainly the dry fly version does better with a full hackle wrap. Start by tying in a tail of golden pheasant tippets, about medium and not too long. Next make a peacock herl butt before wrapping a shiny red floss body. Now leave room from the hook eye and make a butt like wrap again of peacock herl. A white laid back wing is next followed by a brown beard cape feather hackle. Cement, tie off and you have created a classic wet fly that will produce on many BC lakes and streams!

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