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[the Stump Lake Damsel]

The amount of dissolved solids in lakes is an indicator of insect productivity in the lake, generally greater with higher amounts of dissolved solids. In fact, biologists can measure these amounts and give lakes a figure for total dissolved solids or TDS. It follows that trout in lakes with higher TDS ratings can grow bigger with the increase of insect life in such water bodies. Now lakes in the Lower Mainland exhibit TDS ratings mainly less than 100 parts per million. On the other hand, the TDS in Interior lakes can vary from 150 to 400 with Stump Lake found on Highway 5A between Kamloops and Merritt measured at an amazing TDS of 1200, the highest in the province! It is therefore not surprising that Stump produces huge rainbow trout year after year! Damsel fly nymphs are high on the grocery list of those big Stump Lake trout and in this article, we will review another damsel nymph imitation that I have found successful on Stump Lake!

[A Typical Kamloops Plateau Lake]



Start by making a short tail of a few strands of brown pheasant tail feather. Next wrap very thin brown chenille hook bend to hook eye. At this point, tie in a long piece of brown mallard flank feather, keeping it low to the fly body. The cut end can be folded back and cut short to form a bit of a thorax. You can now make the nymph eyes by carefully burning a piece of fairly heavy brown monofilament with a gap of about 1/16 inch between the bulbs created by the lighter flame. Figure eight these eyes just behind the hook eye. It will take a lot of wraps to secure the eyes very solid in a fixed position. Finally, make a few turns of short brown or golden hen hackle just back of the eyes, tie off, cement and you have created a damsel nymph that just may induce a strike from a 10 pound Stump Lake rainbow!

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