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In my younger days before I retired and started spending winters in Arizona, I loved winter fishing for steelhead, both up north in the Terrace area and on Lower Mainland rivers. I recall one day on the Vedder River when a nearby fisherman hooked and released a beautiful wild steelhead on a single rubber egg. As I had always experienced trouble in keeping an egg of any type on my hook for more than a cast or two, I asked the successful fisherman how he managed to keep casting without losing the egg? "Easy," he said, "Wire!" Now I had visions of an egg bristling with wire rolls but no, his setup hardly showed any wire! A closer inspection revealed a thin wire laced to the hook shank and bent up and into the rubber egg from the hook bend side! I haven't fished steelhead for a while but I think this setup will still catch those magnificent fish. With the cool winter we have experienced, I bet there will still be steelhead to be caught this April in rivers like the Vedder so let me share this pattern with you!

[A Nice Steelhead Taken With a Spey Outfit]



Start by attaching a piece of medium or even heavy soft wire, normally used for fly ribbing, to the hook shank. Leave about 3/8 inch of the wire free facing the hook bend. The next step can be a bit tricky as you must thread the plastic egg around the hook bend and also the loose wire end to near the hook eye. I bend the loose part of the soft wire tight to the bend and carefully push the egg past both the wire and hook bend making sure the wire stays tight to the hook shape. The final step is to lift the wire up and insert it into the top center of the plastic egg. This will keep the egg from easily slipping back and off the hook! Can a single egg catch steelhead? Try it and see!


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