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[the Falkland Chironomid]

Next to dry fly fishing, teasing trout with chironomids is my next favourite method of fishing! It is not without a certain degree of frustration, however, as some days a small change in colour or size of your chironomid can make all the difference between strikes and no strikes! A recent trip to a high elevation lake in the Falkland area clearly bore this truism out! I tried my faithful Producer chironomid, then a tungsten wrap that did wonders for a friend in the Kane Valley, and, you guessed it, zippo, not a touch! On a hunch, I then tied on a dark chironomid with a copper rib and was immediately rewarded with not just touches, but heavy, slashing hits! The rainbows ranged from an estimated four pounds down to perhaps one pound. I did keep a bright silver specimen of almost three pounds for a neighbour who is very fond of fish but does not have a lot of opportunity to go fishing. The successful fly is similar to chironomids of past articles, but as I have said, small differences can be a game changer! Let's have a look at my Falkland chironomid for our June article.

[A Pretty High Elevation Lake]



Start by crimping your hook barb in order to slid a small gold or copper bead to the hook eye. I like to make a few turns of thin lead wire next to the bead to ensure the fly will quickly sink to near bottom depths. Next attach both the holographic tinsel and a short length of thin copper wire to the hook shank, finishing your tie part way down the hook bend. Then tightly wrap the black tinsel forward to the bead followed by spaced wraps of the copper wire to form a rib over the tinsel. Place a short piece of white glow yarn just behind the bead and let it project over the bead for later trimming. The final step is to make a few turns of black uni-flex for a thorax behind the bead. Tie off, cement and you have created a chironomid that does work well in high elevation lakes in the Falkland - Westwold area!

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