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[the Found Fly ]

How many times have you looked deep into your fly box to find a long forgotten fly hidden away among a bunch of flies crammed together? Or perhaps you have picked up an interesting looking streamside fly or even found a fly in your house where no fly should be? That is exactly what happened to me recently when I was packing for a move to a smaller house here in Kelowna. My wife, Lois, of 55 years of marriage passed away last year and the home we owned was far to big for my very marginal house keeping skills. A good looking fly dropped out of a pile of papers that I was sorting for the move! How it got there, I will never know! From long experience, I can guarantee the fly will catch fish as it has some resemblance to the famous Caverhill Nymph which is an unquestionable producer! I do not even know the name of the fly so let us call it the Found Fly.

[Hoping for the Big One]



A snap to tie! Start with a full peacock herl body. Then make a couple of turns of black feather from an even length cape. Add a green head with craft paint or as an option, green tying thread. Finish with a dab of cement and you have created my moving found fly!

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