Our Choice, the Future for Our Kids

Meet two of my grandkids, Nicholas (two years), who lives on Vancouver Island, BC and Ryan (8 months), who lives in Halifax, NS. [Two Year Old Nicholas] Yes, I have wonderful grandkids who live 4,000 miles apart and in my travels across this great country, I am always amazed at how similar we really are, no matter where we live! The parents of Nicholas and Ryan all have the same intensive caring, loving, and hopes for a bright future for them.

Those parents in British Columbia and alike in Nova Scotia, want their children to grow up in a safe, secure country, where the law of the land applies fairly to all! They have the same desire that if Nicholas and Ryan work hard, they in turn will be rewarded with opportunity to earn a good standard of living anywhere in Canada.

[Ryan at Two Months]

My travels across this vast land tell me that a mother in Quebec, although she may not speak the same language, has exactly the same hopes and aspirations for her children. The question we must ask ourselves is how will our choices today affect the future of Nicholas, Ryan and little Pierre in Quebec? The world is increasingly becoming a global village, communication advances are abounding and there is little doubt that the most successful nations of tomorrow will reduce rather than build up barriers to world wide economic activity and trading!

The unity issue in Canada is one of those choices that will affect the economic well being of our kids equally whether in Nova Scotia, Quebec, or British Columbia. Language, customs, religion, all will survive not because of government regulation but because ordinary people, deep down, want them to survive! My many years of business experience clearly tells me that a strong, united Canada will provide the best opportunity for long term economic strength, the very best future for Nicholas, Ryan and Pierre. Can we not put aside our provincial thinking in order to build a better and stronger future for our kids?

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