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[the Grizzly King]

A fond recollection of my fishing trips when a teenager was hiking into Lightning Lake past Manning Park Lodge. At that time there was no road to the lake as there is now. A fly that worked well in those days was a Grizzly King which was included in an Army and Navy store package with other flies such as the Parmachene Belle and the Silver Doctor. I did not tie flies in those days so my fly selection was rather limited to what I could find in rare trips to New Westminster. This was the nearest A&N location to my parents home in South Langley and they offered sporting good items almost affordable to a teenager! On my first walk in trip to Lightning Lake, I am not sure why I tried the Grizzly King, perhaps it was already tied on my leader, but the most delightful fishing experience occured. The trees were rather thick at waters edge, so I had to use a roll cast to get the fly perhaps 30 feet out. Not once, but several times a nice rainbow would dart up from the depths and snag the Grizzly King just under the surface. They were not large fish but bright as could be, a real thrill for me to clearly see the take. Now I have seen more than one dressing for this fly but the one shown in this article best approximates the fly that I used many years ago. !

There is now a paved road to Lightning Lake with vehicle parking. The BC Parks branch have also built a hiking trail to the end of the four lakes, from Lightning, past Flash, Strike and to the end lake, Thunder. Perhaps you can still do some shore casting on this hike as I once did on the walk into Lightning!

Below, is a modern view of Lightning Lake taken near the parking area!

. [Lightning Lake as Seen From the Parking Area]



Start with a medium tail of red goose quill then attach a length of flat silver tinsel to the hook shank with enough length projecting back to wind a rib later. Now form a rather thin body with light green material, wool, floss etc., hook bend to hook eye. Then wind the tinsel forward in spaced turns for the rib. A beard hackle of medium grizzly cape fibers is next followed by a grey mallard feather wing swept back over the body. Finish the fly with a black tying thread head, cement, tie off and you have created a fly that once worked magic on Lightning Lake!

My book of true sport fishing adventures in British Columbia, "Willow Sticks, Earth Worms", is now available at Trafford Publishing or if you prefer a friendly voice, call their order desk at 1-888-232-4444 toll free in the USA or Canada. In Europe, ring the UK local order number at 0845 230 9601 (UK) or 44(0) 1270 251 396.

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