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The weather has been darn hot lately with not enough moisture and forest fires seemingly everywhere! It certainly is a time of stress for many and very few folks are fishing our lakes. Also, our streams have been rightfully closed due to warm water conditions with trout not likely to survive a release. I have noticed people on the water boating and swimming but did you know it is possible to catch trout, often of good size, in these summer doldrums?

How is this possible you might ask? Well, I have caught not many but a few good trout in lakes like Lundbom near Merritt and Valentine west of 100 Mile House in the heat of summer! How? A form of mooching perhaps 30 or 40 feet deep with a weighted fly to get down to water depths that are cooler than the surface. For me a #3 wet line did the trick but I have heard of a few fishermen using strike indicators with very long leaders. Oh yes, the fly is important too and I have used what I call a hot weather grub, well weighted. Let's have a look at this fly.

Below is Lundbom Lake in much more chilly weather!

[Lundbom Lake near Merritt just before freeze up]



There are two important requirements to construct this fly, good body weighting using .02 or thinner lead wire and a thin strip of white elastic. I cut mine from wider elastics used for grocery celery stalks although lately the stores do not seem to use white. Anyway, first crimp the barb and slide a small brown bead to the hook eye. After wrapping the lead wire to the hook shank, start the fly by making a tail of several strands of brown crystal flash, cut short. Then tie in a length of brown thread to project well past the hook bend for later wrapping forward as a rib. The elastic wrap for the body is next and I start by cutting a thin strip with one end narrowed to a point. Attach this near the bead and stretch it back with tight thread wraps to the hook bend, half hitch here and then make close turns under a bit of tension to the bead where you will tie off and cut the elastic. Now make the rib with the brown thread following the edges of the elastic wraps. I then colour the top of the body with a brown permanent marker pen. If you want to experiment with different colours such as green, use a green pen and green thread for the rib. Finish the fly with a full brown grizzly hackle just behind the bead, cement, tie off and you have created the hot weather grub!

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