Don's Fly Tying - the Icefly Chironomid

[the Icefly Chironomid ]

Yes, guilty as charged! I went ice fishing again but I did uphold fly fishing ideals as I only used a fly! In fact, this time it was a chironomid and while I did not have raging success, we will have a look at the fly and leave it for you to decide! Who knows, perhaps it will work when the ice disappears?

The Okanagan Lake we were at does contain some huge trout. While using a black ice tent where you can clearly see through to the lake bottom, in our case, about 10 feet down, many shrimp kept swimming up and around the ice hole. These shrimp were fairly large, about 3/4 inch in size, great food to grow large fish. As well, a recent catch by a friend in this lake revealed that the rainbow was just stuffed with dragonfly nymphs, all attesting to good trout growth!

[A great way to avoid the wind and see down the hole]



Start by pinching the hook barb and slide a small flourescent orange brass bead to the hook eye. Next secure a length of thin silver or gold wire to the hook shank for later wrapping forward to the bead. Now tie a piece of very thin black midge tubing to the hook shank and tightly wind it hook bend to the bead. Follow this with spaced wraps of the wire to form a rib. The last step is to make a few turns of peacock herl just behind the flourescent bead. Tie off, cement and you have created a chironomid for both winter and summer use!

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