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[the Black Icefly ]

I do not venture out ice fishing very often. Too hard to cast a fly into a 6 inch hole from 50 feet away! All kidding aside, I hold nothing against people who love to fish through the ice in frozen lakes. I agree, it does beat sitting around watching football games on TV but I do prefer to wait until my favourite lakes are well clear of that hard coating!

Recently a friend told me that he knew some folks that had caught many brook trout up to 5 pounds through the ice using a fly. Well that immediately caught my attention and generated several questions like where, how deep and what kind of fly? As luck would have it, my friend purchased a couple of the successful flies at an Enderby sport shop and was good enough to Email me an image of the fly. Now whether I go ice fishing or not, I immediately tied up some copies. The following picture shows some of the brookies that absolutely tore into this fly, in fact, at the end of the day, the fly was almost a bare hook relic! I thought that a review of this fly would be a great way to start the New Year and please do not blame me if you catch too many fish from a hole in the ice using this fly!

[Brook Trout Caught Early December Using a Black Icefly ]



Start by pinching the hook barb and slide a flourescent orange brass bead to the hook eye. Next dub a thin body of Metz Arizona black/red semi-seal. If you do not have this material, a mix using a coffee grinder of black and red seal will do. Over lay black mohair from the bead and cinch down at the hook bend. Allow the mohair to project past the bend to form a short bushy tail. The final step is to wind a full black saddle hackle at the bead but tied down to slope back over the hook body!

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