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[John Scott Steelhead Fly]

Global warming doubters? Just ask my American friend who has been sending me articles of returning salmon spawner 2021 kills because of warm water, especially in California! I would not doubt that we in British Columbia have experienced a bit of the same thing! However, the mighty Skeena River was open for steelhead catch and release this rather warm summer and my friend and fellow trap shooter, John Scott, made a trip north to give it a try using a spey outfit! His persistance paid off in the Terrace area with a beatiful steelhead caught, photographed and released. What fly? John did not have a name but it was a red maribou creation similar in shape to a popsicle fly. Let's have a look at it.

Below is John holding his Skeena fly caught steelhead prior to release

[John Scott with his Beautiful Skeena River Steelhead]



If you want the fly to be a fast sinker, wind several turns of lead wire to the hook shank. Next tie in several strands of both clear and red flashabou to the hook shank projecting past the hook bend about a body length. Now make a couple of full wraps of red maribou just behind the hook eye to create a full shape, top and bottom. Finish the fly with a black tying thread head, tie off, cement and you might catch a steelhead like John's!

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