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My friend Rich Haavik and his son Russell recently returned from an extended trip to their Nimpo Lake property. They spent many enjoyable days completing routine building maintenance, relaxing and of course, fly fishing! The Haavik's found that the strong Nimpo Lake rainbows readily took a fly similar to the Labounty Leech that we covered way back in February 1997. The difference can be explained by the wealth of new fly tying materials that are now available.

Athough there are many new fly construction materials today, the age old coffee grinder is still a fly tyer's friend. The Labounty Leech used black and red seal hair blended with a coffee grinder and the new successful fly does have that base. However, a new material with red sparkle is added to the mix called semi-seal. My package happens to be Metz Arizona black/red, and the other change is the addition of a gold bead at the fly eye. Again the Haavik's found a beaded fly did produce better than a similar fly without the bead so who are we to argue!

[A Calm Morning on Nimpo Lake]



Crimp the hook barb and slide a gold bead to the hook eye. Using a coffee grinder, blend black and red seal plus red/black sparkle artificial seal. If you do not have any of this material, throw in some clear flashabou to the red/black seal hair mix. Next form a dubbing loop at the hook bend and twist the blended material into a thin line. Wrap this forward to the bead, tie off, cement, and you have created a fly that worked wonderfully well on Nimpo Lake!

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