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Last month we described a fly that worked very well for Russell and Rich Haavik at Nimpo Lake. They told me that a similar fly also did pretty much as well on those large Nimpo rainbows. Again, a gold bead delivered a bit better than without so we will examine this pattern with the bead!

The Haavik's know Nimpo Lake and in fact the surrounding Chilcotin lakes extremely well as Rich operated a guest fishing lodge on the lake for many years. They still own the property but use it now primarily as a vacation destination with fishing always a top priority! Rich kindly shared the top fly patterns of this year with me and now I will pass on the dressing of the second winner with you!

[Drying a Boat After a Rainstorm]



It seems a key to the success of this fly is ample red flash in the black/red body mix. Start by crimping the hook barb and slide a gold bead to the hook eye. Just back of the bead, tie in a thin black saddle feather by the base (thick end) and leave it for the moment. A Metz product called Arizona semi-seal is ideal for the fairly thick body. If you do not have any of this material, throw in some red flashabou to a red and black seal hair mix and use a coffee grinder to blend it. Next form a dubbing loop at the hook bend and twist the blended material into a thin line of material. Wind this forward to the bead and tie off there. Now with great care, palmer the black saddle feather back to the hook bend, leaving the seal body with red flash exposed between wraps. If the feather is just the right length, a small tail can be set in the final wrap. The reason I use thin clear monofilament as a tying thread for so many flies is that I can now wind the mono to the hook bend and back to the bead with the body colour still showing through. This action greatly strengthens the fly. However, care must be taken in this step not to distort the slightly back flow of the hackle. Tie off, cement, and you have created a fly that also worked wonderfully well on Nimpo Lake this year!

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