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[the Elk Mayfly]

After a long winter with oodles of snow, we Interior fly fishermen are extremely anxious to hit the water. May is our month to satisfy that craving with the joy of seeing mayflies hatching with perhaps the occasional sedge! Of course, those tiny midges have appeared soon after ice out so fishing with chironomids can be productive. However, nothing is better than to see a steady mayfly hatch that will bring big trout to the surface. It is fitting that for our May fly tying article we will feature kind of a cross between a mayfly and a sedge which I call the Elk Mayfly. It is a good floater and if you are determined, steady casting with this fly could just trigger a rise or two when the naturals are slow in coming!

[Dry Fly Casting on a Merritt Plateau Lake]



Tie in a fairly long tail of brown mallard with a natural curl or upward fold. Next cut a thin piece of yellow foam (I buy foam sheets at craft stores) along the hook shank and then rib it with close turns of heavy brown thread. The final step is to synch down a piece of elk hair with an upward sweep for the wing. Trim a small head from the cut ends and also allow a few strands of hair to project below the body to show as legs. Trim any excess hair so that the body will show and you have finish a fly will will approximate either a mayfly or a sedge!

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