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[the Modified Chromie]

One of my favourite early spring lakes is Gardom, just a bit north of Enderby. My fishing preference is with a floating line, strike indicator and of course, chironomids. Over the years I have had success with a variety of chironomids on Gardom but this year none of them worked! Fortunately, I have a fly box full of just about any chironomid that you can name and on a recent trip to the lake, I finally tried a modified chromie. Wham, a good fish of about 18 inches hit the fly and as I promised a good friend a fish dinner, I did keep the rainbow. Yes, Chromies seemed to be the fly of choice this season for those Gardom rainbows and I have learned that if you want action, it is no use to argue with the fish. I happened to be doing a bit of dog sitting of late for my family in Abbotsford. Her name is Mabel, a smaller white pooch. As you can see, she is not too excited about my catch but let's review the modified chromie regardless.

[Mabel is not too interested in my nice rainbow]



I like to slightly weight my chironomids so I start with a few turns of fine lead wire after I slide the white bead to the hook eye. A length of red wire tied to the hook shank is next. Then wind flat holographic or plain silver tinsel low in the hook bend to the bead. Follow this with spaced turns of the red wire also to the white bead. The next step is to make a short thorax just behind the bead with black holographic tinsel. Finish the fly with a couple of turns of thin black ostrich or thin green peacock herl just behind and tight to the bead. Tie off, cement and you have created a chironomid currently in favour of Gardom Lake rainbows!

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