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Are you looking for scenic ocean views, warm sandy beaches, classic Miramichi salmon fishing, an entertaining sea festival, golfing with a view or perhaps a visit to a historic settlement packed with lore of years past? You can find it all in the province of New Brunswick. A call to the New Brunswick what's new line at 1-800-561-0123 will provide many answers to your questions about attractions in that province.

Fundy National Park
Would you like to see one of the highest tides changes in the world? In some places up to 48 feet between low and high tides! Come to Fundy National Park found along New Brunswick's south shore. Just turn south onto Route 114 from Route 2 just east of Sussex which is about midpoint between St. John and Moncton. For the traveller there are rare birds, many diverse and unique eco-systems, challenging hiking trails, a salt water heated pool and a terrific golf course. Bring your appetite too as fresh lobsters are a maritime treat not soon forgotten!
Kouchibouguac National Park
About an hour north of Moncton on Route 11 and you will arrive at one of the Maritime's finest ocean bordered parks! You can walk on protective boardwalks over fragile sand dunes, the nesting grounds of endangered piping plovers. You can traverse miles of sandy beaches and explore salt marshes, lagoons and forests as well. Camping, cycling and hiking is what it is all about in this natural, pure environment.
Roosevelt Campobello International Park
Tucked down near the south west corner on Route 774 just 1.4 miles from the Canadian Customs is this joyful little park. You can walk interesting coastal trails or tackle a challenging golf course near this memorial park, which has been built around the heritage cottage and gardens of FD Roosevelt's vacation home.
Acadian Historical Village
In the north east corner of New Brunswick on Rout 11 between Caraquet and Grande-Anse, you will find the world's most authentic Acadian Historical site. The 1755 expulsion of the Acadians and their dauntless courage is expressed everywhere in this village. Animators spin, weave, hammer hot metals on forge and even set type for an authenticated newspaper. Hearty Acadians dishes served in the settlement restaurent begin with grinding flour and churning butter! In fact, the grain for the flour is grown on low land reclaimed from the sea by a dyking system developed by the early French settlers. A horse drawn cart will take you past many sights displaying North America's greatest tale of a struggle to survive!
Les Jardins Park Complex
A scenic river valley drive on Route 2 just north of Edmunston in the north west corner of New Brunswick will take you to this beautiful garden setting, the only botanical gardens in Atlantic Canada! Most call it a horticultural wonder! The provincial Park and the Antique Auto Museum within the complex add to the fun.
Kings Landing Historical Settlement
South of Edmunston or just over 21 miles west of Fredericton on Route 2 is the gem of the river valley scenic drive! Kings Landing, with its bustling country lanes lead you into the lives and homes of the early New Brunswick settlers. You can join in with friendly residents churning butter, spinning flax and cooking over an open hearth. Here too is the largest water wheel driven sawmill in Canada. Teams of oxen can still be seen as if right out of the 1800s! Don't miss a traditional meal at the Kings Head Inn or to visit and enjoy seeing the variety of goods at the Emporium Gift shop.
Reversing Falls
Ah, what would a trip to New Brunswick be without seeing the famed reversing falls at Saint John's Reversing Falls Bridge. With a force equal to that of all the rivers in the world, the Fundy tides twice daily turn back the Maritime's longest river, the St. John, and makes the reversing falls at the river's mouth a world famous attraction. This occurs at New Brunswick's largest city and is an ideal launching point to explore one of the most unique and powerful eco-systems in the world, the Bay of Fundy.
Hopewell Rocks
East of Fundy National Park on Route 114 you will find Hopewell Cape. Here you can at low tide walk around five story flower pots, gouged out of the cliffs by the magnificent force of the Fundy tides. You will not believe your eyes when rising tides turn, almost completely swallowing the cliffs!
Magnetic Hill Complex
Moncton is the only city in the world where your car seems to be coasting uphill! You must experience the sensation of seemingly being pulled uphill as if by a magnet. Magnetic Hill has baffled visitors since it was discovered with horse and buggy in the 1800s! Surrounding this phenomenon is the Magnetic Hill theme Park and Zoo. Visitors can also the many shops and restaurants or enjoy the trills of the nearby Magic Mountain Water Park.
Le Pays de la Sagouine
Just north of Moncton and out to the east coast on Route 11 you will find Acadie Street, Bouctouche, a village created in the mind of international award winning Bouctouche author, Antonine Maillet. It is an exciting world of gossip, fun and pathos, just part of the many wonders along the Acadian Coastal Drive!

For more information about New Brunswick, an interesting internet site created by MediaNet Communications describes New Brunswick's Port Elgin Area which is in the south east corner of the province.

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