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Newfoundland & Labrador 1997 500th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS

1997 is the year the whole world will be dropping in to help Newfoundland and Labrador celebrate their 500th anniversary. The famous mariner, John Cabot, on a voyage from Bristol, England, landed on an uncharted coastline called "New Founde Lande". Now, 500 years later, the people of Newfoundland and Labrador plan to host dozens of spectacular events to show the world their boundless enthusiasm and excitement for a very special land. For a complete listing of all festivals and events, you are invited to call for a free 1997 500th Anniversary Travel Guide at 1-800-563-NFLD

A 1997 500th Anniversary Celebration Overview

For a vacation to remember, a free 240 page 500th Anniversary Travel Guide will help you to dicover hundreds of festivals and special events in Newfoundland & Labrador. Call toll free 1-800-563-NFLD.

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