Nova Scotia's Beautiful Peggy's Cove

[The Lighthouse at Peggy's Cove]

Peggy's Cove may well be the most photographed location in Canada. It is a small picturesque fishing village (population 120) that surrounds a narrow ocean inlet which provides safe haven for boats during the Atlantic's rough weather. A lighthouse built on the large smooth wave washed granite rocks is the crowning feature of this beautiful Atlantic cove. A large parking area has been blended in near the lighthouse for visitor access and during mild weather, you can walk over the huge boulders to enjoy the splendid view in all directions.

[Boats Moored in Peggy's Cove]

A visitor can drive to Peggy's Cove by turning south on Route 333 at Upper Tantallon or follow the signs westerly from the Halifax Armdale Rotary. The Rotary is at the head of the North West Arm not too far from downtown Halifax. Drive out on St. Margaret's Bay Road for 3 kilometers (1.6 miles and then turn west on Prospect Road for about 40 kilometers (25 miles) all the way to Peggy's Cove. Once there, you have arrived at a photographer's mecca, especially on a bright sunny day. Inspiring sights are found everywhere, such as the brightly painted buildings, the weathered fishing piers, the fleet of fishing boats at dockside, the restaurant/gift shop/post office and finally that photographer's delight, the famous Peggy's Cove Lighthouse.

[A Nova Scotia Piper]

The day I was there in late June 1966, a college student in full Sottish regalia was piping lively Nova Scotian folk tunes for all to hear. A perfect setting to exemplify the tradition and culture of Nova Scotia! While you can see the harbour as you drive through to the lighthouse parking lot, do take a stroll around the cove. The sights and sounds, ocean smells too, can best be enjoyed by walking. But don't forget your camera, especially if you are there when the sunshine is sparkling on Atlantic waters!

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