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[the Lowly Pellet Fly]

Likely many fishermen are experiencing that "hemmed in" feeling right now due to the COVID 19 virus. However, although social distancing is in effect for non family friends and all, this may be a wonderful time for a parent to take the kids for a day fishing trip! Where you might ask? Well our Fisheries people conduct a lot of great work releasing trout into lakes throughout the province and this also includes small lakes in urban areas! Even better, ponds like Como Lake in Coquitlam, Green Timbers in Surrey and Mill Lake in Abbotsford at times all receive brood stock with regular releases of small trout. And brood stock, older fish that are no longer needed for hatching baby trout, can be quite large, perhaps five pounds or more! Can you imagine the thrill for your young son or daughter to latch onto one of these? Ah, but what to use? The standard food for trout in rearing pens are pellets, which I understand are a fish by-product but very healthy for trout destined for release. So if you do venture out to an urban lake with stocked trout, what better fly to use than a pellet imitation? For you fly tiers, why not whip up a couple of pellet flys and take the kids out for a fun time rather than moping around the house? Just to wet your appetite, the gorgeous rainbow in the picture below, according to my late friend Bill Shea, was caught on, you guessed it, a lowly pellet fly!

[A Fantastic Rainbow Trout Caught on a Pellet Fly]



This is such an easy fly to tie that it might be an idea for your son or daughter to do the honours! Of course pellets for rearing trout do not have beads but I have used a brown glass bead to add a bit of attractive flash. So just crimp the hook barb and slide a brown glass bead to the hook eye. Finish the fly with a tight wrap of brown medium chenille hook bend to the bead. That's it, tie off, cement, and you just might have a fun time teasing a newly released trout!

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