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My friend Rich Haavik is one of better skeet and sporting clay shooters in British Columbia. He also is an expert fly fisherman after many years of guiding clients on the Dean River and also out of his Rainbow Lodge at Nimpo Lake. This spring we decided to head out from his home base at Winfield to Philips Lake in the Turtle Valley area. The year before I had boated a sterile rainbow of almost seven pounds so we had high hopes of catching another trophy fish. However, although it was a fine morning on the water, only small fish were hooked and released.

As we were leaving at the boat launch, Rich recognized a fellow sporting clay shooter, Larry, who organized past shoots at Westwold. The natural question was how did you do and the answer was nine trout, but smallish and all released! I immediately asked what on and Larry kindly gave us a sample chironomid that has worked exceptionly well for him this spring! I will share Larry's secret fly with you for this month's fly tying article.

The image below depicts a couple of expert Philips Lake fishers!

[A Couple of Expert Fishers on Philips Lake]



I am not sure if Larry finished his fly with a coating of light cured UV resin or a coating of clear cement such as Sally Hansen's. However, likely anything close to the image shown might produce for you if you do not mind experimenting a bit! The first step is to slip a small white bead to the hook eye. Next attach a strip of very thin clear plastic or ultra thin silver wire to the hook shank for later use as a rib. Now wind from hook bend fine light olive floss forward for 60% of the hook shank and then blend in light brown or faint reddish brown floss finishing with black or dark brown at the white bead. Before the last dark step, wind the ultra thin wire or clear plastic through to near the bead and tie off. I think part of Larry's success with this chironomid is his finish and I will leave it to you to come up with a formula that will work!

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