Don's Fly Tying - the UV Polar Intruder

[the Polar Intruder ]

The Intruder fly is, in my humble opinion, too good a pattern to not have a second look. Last month we focused on tying an Intruder fly using a floss threader to secure the short shank trailing hook. Let's use this technique again but using different materials and colours that have worked for me in the past. I think the combination of disco and UV polar chenille provides both movement in the water and colour glow to entice a strike by a slow moving winter steelhead! /P>

[Cowichan River at Skutz Falls]



As in last month's description, if you leave a long enough loop on the floss threader past the cut-off shank end, you can attach the trailer hook as the last step. However, I find it easier to attach the stinger hook initially to the floss loop. With the long 4x hook in my vise, I push the single end of the threader through the hook eye and back along the shank, cinching it down all the way with my tying thread. As we are using a nickel plated fly hook for this pattern, I leave the hook shank bare! The wing of UV white polar chenille is next, followed by an overlay of pink disco chenille. This material stands up better to the rigors of fast water fishing. Finish the fly with a full hackle of red saddle, cinched at the head so the feathers flow back. Finally, with care not to snip the trailer hook loop, cut off the round or back end of the front long nickel shank hook. Cement and you have finished another of my favourite steelhead intruder flies!

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