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[the Reliable Pumpkin Head ]

April, a favourite time of year for a fisherman! Many of our Interior lakes are now ice free unless still ice bound in high elevations. Unless you are a cold weather steelheader or an ardent ice fisherman, most of you have not put a fly in the water since last fall. My fishing friends in the North Okanagan are now busy plying the shoals of Gardom Lake, mostly with chironomids but many with a very reliable early season fly, the pumpkin head! My often fishing partner Al ties a good pumpkin head pattern and uses it with great success. We will have a look at Al's fly for this month's fly tying article, the Reliable Pumpkin Head! /P>

[Spring Break-up at an Interior Lake]



Another easy fly to tie. If your short shank hook is barbed, crimp the barb and slide a small orange glass bead through to the hook eye. Next, tie in a tail of light olive maribou, not short, not long. The final step is to wind a full body of orange barred cape feather but this feather must be long with short fibers such as in the more expensive capes. Fortunately I traded some material with Al for a few of these long barred cape feathers, enough to make a half dozen flies. Finish with a dab of cement and you have created a good early season fly!

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