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The ancient adage that you are never too old to learn something new certainly proved true recently. I have fished more than one steelhead fly that is mainly red and white but seldom, if ever, for trout. Mind you, a Royal Coachman or Parmachene Belle does feature reds and whites but other colours as well. Well, my friend Ray Hunt, together with his cousin Allan Hunt, recently ventured up the Dee Lake chain east of Winfield. They had some success with small fish on conventional flies but noticed not one but two boats landing 18 inch rainbows! Like any red blooded fisherman, curiosity drove the question, "What are you using?" Too my surprise as well as theirs, the answer was a "red and white" fly! Ray then put the question to me and I came up with a red and white fly of my own design. Perhaps someone out there in internet land will have a ready answer for the name of a red and white trout fly? Anyway, I will offer my version for this month's fly tying article.

[A Beautiful Lake in the Dee Lake Chain]



Start by crimping the hook barb and slip a small white bead to the hook eye. Next, tie in a medium clump of short bright red calf tail fibres for the fly tail. I use glo yarn for the body but most yarns are too thick so I separate the yarn into thinner strands to make a thin to not more than medium body. However, first attach a very fine silver wire on the shank and let it project back past the hook bend. After winding the white glo yarn body (glo yarn is supposed to attract fish in low light or deep water conditions), continue with a rib in spaced turns hook bend to the bead. The final step is to make a couple of full turns of medium red hackle just behind the white bead. Force the hackle back as you tie it off. Add cement (I happen to have red Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails cement but clear will do) and you have completed a fly very new to my fly fishing repertoire!

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