Don's Fly Tying - the Medium Spruce

[the Medium Spruce]

The original fly called the Light Spruce, is attributed to a Mr. Godfrey in the early 20th century. It was designed for sea run cutthroat trout in northwest rivers and tied with badger hackle including the wing. Many variations have been devised since. I have found it to be a good search pattern in BC Interior lakes but using slightly darker hackle and wing material than used in the original. A good pattern for your flybox!

[A central Okanagan Walk-in Lake]



The original fly was tied with red or orange body wool but we can now use more modern materials to add a bit of pizazz! I like fushia as a body colour, whether it catches more fish or not! Anyway, start with a tail of peacock sword feather taken from near the eye. Next wrap a body of fushia floss followed by an overwrap of thin fushia wire, leaving room towards the hook eye for a thick peacock herl wrap roughly 1/3 the body length. The wing is next and I like a brown feather with a bit of a dark outline. Tie in two or three and try to finish with an upright lift of the feathers with a side view. The final step is to make a full hackle of dark feather, your choice of black, dark brown or purple. Cement, tie off and you have created a good search pattern!

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