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In June we looked at a fly that produced on Stump Lake which is located on old Highway 5 north of Merritt. A recent trip to this lake revealed that a similar fly produced perhaps even better with the main feature being a flourescent orange brass bead rather than an orange glass bead! Small changes sometimes will make a big difference in fly fishing success so let's have a look at my latest Stump Lake producer.

My fishing partner Al suggested a new route for our trip from Kelowna rather than using the Connector. For the past two trips we have gone past Westwold and turned onto the back road link to Barnhartvale. The turn west is not too far past that road-side gem, Monte Lake. At Barnhartvale, a left turn will take you on the Campbell Creek route to join up with Highway 5A, not very far from the well known road to Roche Lake. This way is definitely shorter from Kelowna than using the Connector but with many turns on the Barnhartvale section, probably not faster although the great countryside viewing makes up for the extra travel time.

[Ready to go on Stump Lake with two boats]



Begin by pinching the hook barb and slide a small orange flourescent brass bead to the hook eye. Next fashion a very short tail of blue or green crystal flash. I like to fold over a single strand several times and then cut to length. Add a length of thin copper wire to the hook shank and let it project past the hook bend for making a rib in a later step. Now cut a thin piece of a green/blue sparkle wool mix for wrapping a fairly thin body. If you do not have such material, try combining thin strands of green and blue wool pieces, ie, by pulling apart normal wool strands. After wrapping the body, wind the copper wire hook bend to the bead in spaced turns to form the rib. A thin swept back wing is next followed by a thin beard hackle. The last step is to make a few turns of peacock herl tight to the brass bead. Tie off, cement and you have created a fly that hooked several Stump Lake rainbows, none kept as the largest broke a 6.8 pound leader and is wearing the fly as a trophy!

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