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[the Summer Bobbs Lake Fly]

Once again most of my family and many relatives gathered at our Canim Lake waterfront property for the August long weekend. It is indeed a pleasure to see many relatives again, some only this one time of year. Swimming and water sports were the order of the day, especially for the young crowd. Fishing was actually very good for rainbow trout right off the shallows of our beach on the July 1st weekend, a few of good size. However, recent weather had warmed the shallow water and except for deep trolling well away from the shore, not a fish could be caught. Regardless, tradition still requires taking the grandkids to a nearby higher lake for at least a few hours of fly fishing. This year was no exception and Bobbs lake was our target for grandsons Xander and Max. We fished two fly rods with Xander operating the small outboard but taking turns with his brother Max when a fish struck. No less than nine rainbow trout were landed in about two hours, seven of which were caught on the same fly which we will now review. Oh yes, the boys may have been slightly disappointed because as the fish were fairly small in the nine inch range, we released every one! Still, it was great fun for all!

Below is Bobbs Lake on a bluebird summer day and on the right, summer water fun at our Canim beach lot!

[Bobbs Lake on a great summer day] [Summer fun at Canim Lake]



This fly is quick and very easy to tie! Pinch the hook barb and slide a 7/64 black bead to the hook eye. Next tie in a short black feather tail. You can experiment with different materials for the tail but black is the winning colour. Next roll a bit of Arizona simi seal and insert it into a loop of your tying thread, twist tight, then wind a body from the tail to the bead in a bit of cigar shape. Tie off, cement and you have completed a Bobbs Lake winner!

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