The Trans Canada Trail Project

[The Proposed Trans Canada Trail]

The Trans Canada Trail, a proposed shared use recreation trail some 15,000 kilometers long, will span every Canadian province and territory. This trail will accomodate five core activities; walking, cycling, horseback riding, cross-country skiing and in some places, snowmobiling. The Trans Canada Trail is a community based project and will be owned and maintained by local organizations, provincial authorities, national agencies and municipalities across Canada. Canadians everywhere have volunteered in mass to assist in the construction of this project, approximately 1,500,000 strong! It is estimated that about $42,000,000 will have to be raised to complete this project with a finish date of June 21, 2000 for the main trunk.

Canada has always been a nation of trail builders, whether waterway, foot trail, steel or concrete! Our history is rich with travel adventure across this vast nation. It therefore seemed appropriate that a trail concept was proposed by the Canada 125 Corporation in 1992 as a project to help Canada celebrate 125 years in Confederation. A Trans Canada Trail Foundation was set up and after developing grass-root trail and user related organizations throughout Canada, made a public launch in June, 1994. The Foundation has also secured four Founding Sponsors, Canada Trust, Canada Post, Chrysler Canada and TSN/RDS.

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Thanks to ongoing public donations, trail constuction is well underway! Donor names will be permanently recorded for each meter of trail that is financially supported. Over 800 kilometers have been completed and over 1200 kilometers are expected to be opened in 1997. The first Provincial Gateway between Quebec and New Brunswick was opened on June 19, 1997.

For much more information about this project, you can contact the Trans Canada Trail web site at The Trans Canada Trail

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