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It has been many years since I have fished Stump Lake located on the Merritt to Kamloops highway 5A. I have always known that Stump contains huge rainbows, little affected by seasonal variations. This spring I did visit Stump Lake again after a long absence. The visit was prompted by friends who did very well around the end of April with a couple of five pound fish boated! On that occasion, the large fish readily took Pumpkin Head flies plus a variant of that fly. True to form, we reviewed the Pumpkin Head in the April 2019 fly tying article and this month we will closely look at a variant that also produced for my friends at Stump Lake! By the way, on my trip to Stump, I did hook five fish, all lost or released but none were heart stopping size.

[Launching at Stump Lake]



Crimp the hook barb and slide an orange glass bead to the hook eye. Next combine a couple of peacock strands with black olive sparkle chenille (green or peacock colour okay) and wrap a body hook bend to the bead. Then using a thin clump of blue green flash blend, make a body overlay by tying down just behind the bead and also at the hook bend. Allow the material to flow past the hook bend and cut off to form a fairly short tail. The final step is to also use the flash blend to form a short beard hackle. Tie off, cement and you have created a fly that will entice large early season Stump Lake rainbows!

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