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Once again, the old proverb that you are never too old to learn was happily thrust upon me recently on a trip to nearby Wood Lake. My previous neighbour from Royal Pine, Peter, just loves fishing and moreover, is a dedicated fish eater, never wasting a crumb! He informed me that there was an extended season for kokanee on Wood Lake just north of Winfield. As our spring has been unseasonally cold and wet, the water temperature in the lake even in late June was conducive to good fishing. Now Peter was equipped with the usual gear for kokanee fishing; a long willow leaf gang troll and a wedding ring lure. Not satisfied with a bare hook, Peter attached a couple of Berkley white plastic grubs to his hook!

Now I have caught these minature sockeye salmon look alikes before on flies so I stubbornly refused any of Peter's offerings and fished with flies only. Well, was I ever outfished! Peter must have had at least 20 strikes and brought several fish to the boat, ending up with a limit of kokanee! My total? Zip! Well, lesson learned so immediately upon returning home, I dug around for some white elastic bands among my rather vast array of fly tying materials. Do you think I could find any? Nada, but my neighbour Pat happened by and I asked her if she had any white rubber bands. Not ten minutes later she returned with a couple so I went right to work creating a fly similar to Peter's Wood Lake success! I am sure this fly is too good for kokanees to keep it a secret so here is my answer!

[Wood Lake from the Oyama Boat Launch ]



First flatten the hook barb and slip a small red glass bead to the hook eye. Then secure a length of medium white thread to the hook shank for a rib wrap later. Now a key step is to cut one end of the white elastic band in a thin "V" shape and connect the point just behind the bead. Stretch the elastic as you tightly wrap it with your tying thread from the bead to the hook bend and half hitch it at that point. The next step is to carefully turn the elastic band under tension without gaps to the bead and tie off there. The final step is to wrap the white thread following the elastic band edges again to the bead and tie off at that spot. Cement and you have finished a grub like fly that will catch kokanees at Wood Lake!

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