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Since the establishment of the first winery in the Okangan, Calona Vineyards in 1931, British Columbia has become known world wide as a producer of excellent wines. There are now over 125 wineries in British Columbia in five regions, Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, the Fraser Valley, the Okanagan and the Similkameen. At present, the majority are located in the Okanagan Valley. Each year, these wineries win many international awards for the fine quality of their products! Many wineries are open to the public for tours where devotees have an opportunity to see the operation and perhaps sample some of these excellent wines.

Okanagan Wine Festivals

For a number of years, two major wine festivals have been hosted in the Okanagan Valley. The Spring Wine Festival is held on the first ten days of May and the Fall Wine Festival for ten days during early October. These festivals are a wonderful opportunity to experience the fun of learning more about quality wines. Among the many features are receptions, brunches and luncheons, dinners, educational tours and even multi-day events! For more information about the spring and fall wine festivals, you can visit the website Okanagan Wine Festivals
A typical wine farm overlooking Okanagan lake is shown. [An Okanagan Farm Winery]

British Columbia Winery Information

The people of BC have a right to be proud of their wine industry. It has surged in recent years, not only in numbers of wineries, but in the excellence of their product. The proof lies in the awards won every year. Visitors from around the world never fail to be impressed when they participate in a BC wine tour! For additional information, see the website Wines of British Columbia

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